ShoplineUpload Your Brand Logo

Successful brands all know the power of a beautifully and professionally designed brand logo. It is essentially the face of the brand and likewise; your online store logo should also be given the same level of importance and priority to make a strong lasting impression on your customers.

Under “My Brand”, SHOPLINE merchants can easily add a store logo and favicon. You can then see the store logo on every page of your site and the favicon on the top part of your browser tab. Sleek!

Merchants can upload your own shop logo at Shopline's admin panel.
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Guide Step 2Apply for a Unique Domain Name

In the E- commerce world, a unique domain name is just as important as a brand name and logo. A unique and memorable domain name is highly significant because it is the direct way customers access your shop.

On the SHOPLINE platform under ‘My Brand’, merchants can enter their desired domain name (including the name and the relevant domain ending including .com/ .net/.co/.ph/.hk/.tw). With simply one click, SHOPLINE will apply for the domain name and connect it to your Shopline online store. Simple!

Merchants can apply your custom domain at Shopline's admin panel.
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