Sales and promotions

Successful online stores offer lots of promotions to push for sales. Good promotion can boost sales and increase the popularity of your brand.

SHOPLINE understands the power of promotional events for online stores, so we’ve specifically created a sales and promotions feature to meet your promotional needs.

You can offer these promotional types as incentive for your customers:

  • Free shipping
  • Cash discounts
  • Percentage discounts
  • Add-on items
different promotion tools

Facebook shop

Social media is an essential marketing tool in the internet era and it’s common for merchants to set up a Facebook page for their store as part of the marketing strategy. SHOPLINE’s ‘Facebook Shop’ function is efficient and easy to use. You can upload contents of your online store to Facebook with just a simple click. Customers will be able to directly access your shop at your Facebook page.

facebook shop integration for shopline merchants

Membership categorization

Successful merchants understand the importance of loyal customers. A comprehensive membership program and cohesive promotional events can bring huge profit to the online store.

Aside from store-wide sales events, as a SHOPLINE merchant, you can create membership levels based on member spending and offer level-specific discounts, attracting loyal customers.

membership tiering feature for vip customers