Shop data overview and analytics

A well-designed store analytics system enables merchants to manage the shop more efficiently. SHOPLINE's built-in analytics system allows merchants to view store sessions, and merchants can go directly to the Analytics Page to have deeper look at the data.

Quick glance at shop analytics

Export reports anytime

SHOPLINE merchants can export the following three kinds of reports to proceed a deeper analysis.

Revenue growth reports

Customer report

Merchants can easily export customer record for communication and marketing use. Report will state if they merchants are willing to receive promotional email and become a member. Hint:Repuation will be stabaged to send promotion email to unsbscribed receipts.

Order report

Exporting order report allows merchants to analyze store performance. Report will clearly state every order’s information, e.g. order date, payment method, shipment method, products and order status. These information can be exported as Excel file for merchants to adjust marketing plan.

Product report

Product Report enables merchants to view all products’ inventory and sales data, which enables merchants to have better inventory management.